Our Story

Making Cycling a Movement

Breathing fresh air into a sport needing diversity

Men. Women. Big. Small. Every Class. Every Culture. Every Gender.

We’re creating a new space in cycling. One where people of color and everyone in between can flourish in a sport known for being exclusive. We are dedicated to building a community of riders that standout from the pack. IF YOU’RE NOT CLIPT’N, YOU’RE STANDING STILL.

Making the Open Road open for everyone

When we started Clipt'n, some of us were the wrong size, all of us were the wrong color. We exist to provide high quality cycling gear to everyone. Men. Women. Big. Small. Every Class. Every Culture. Every Gender.

Paying it Forward

With a more inclusive sport always driving us, we are committed to giving a portion of profits to causes that will bring cycling to communities of color and those without the financial means to ride.

Our Founders

Clipt'n founder Sheldon Freeman

Sheldon Freeman

Sheldon has always had his sights set on the next big thing. In business and in life, this ambition has taken him across the country where he eventually settled in Dallas, Texas—not once, but twice. Here, his habit of cycling spun into a passion that’s only grown. Sheldon’s entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with the love for sports, fostered CLIPT’N’s existence. Together with the late James Moten Jr. CLIPT'N was launched in response to the social justice protests of 2020 with the goal of creating a new space in cycling for people of color and everyone else.

Clipt'n founder Joe Nganga

Joe Nganga

Growing up in Kenya, Joe’s bike was his freedom. But running turned out to be his ticket in college. In East Texas, he ran cross-country, worked on his master’s, and raised small children. When his education finished, he thought back to the joy a bike always brought him and started riding again. It wasn’t long before he was leading others—from the front of the riding group, with education and information, and with enthusiasm for the sport he’s always loved.

Clipt'n founder James Moten Jr.

James Moten Jr.

1974 - 2021

In addition to co-founding CLIPT’N, James created the series "James MoBike" coloring books that celebrate cyclists who champion community, diversity, and women of influence. James was a soldier, teacher, philanthropist, and friend. He was built like a superhero, but more importantly, he acted like one. At CLIPT’N we honor James’ legacy by continuing to build a more diverse community in the sport of cycling. It has been said James is “THAT GUY”, meaning one of the best people you could ever know.